The foundation of your organization’s collections operations

Our all-in-one Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) software will help you increase your collection rates, maintain compliance and generate more revenue. Built on scalable open architecture, our hosted Ajility SaaS solution will help prepare you for new business and unlimited growth.

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Overcome today’s collection challenges

Automating day to day tasks, streamlining operations, complying with security standards, maximizing revenue… these are just a few of the business challenges you face every day. No matter what kind of debt you collect – loans, legal debt, healthcare receivables–you are feeling the pressure to sustain profitability.
  • Best in healthcare RCM technology

    Ajility Healthcare is THE choice for the healthcare marketplace. By using Ajility, providers and servicers can track and manage patient and insurance information with ease, work more accounts in less time, reduce A/R days, and collect more medical receivables. Ajility ensures simplified integration with advanced technologies already in place, and is designed to complete your end-to-end RCM automated solution.
  • Comprehensive legal capabilities

    Each component of legal collections must be carefully managed in terms of litigation, costs, and judgments. Ajility Legal helps you minimize the time you spend handling cases by streamlining the litigation process and moving accounts seamlessly from pre-collection through post-judgment.
  • Simplify day-to-day collection tasks

    Ajility helps you simplify collection tasks, resulting in lower training costs, reduced trouble-shooting, and greater overall efficiency. Manage resources, increase yield per collector, improve compliance and security–Ajility makes it all easier.

Ajility Guided Tour

Get a glimpse into why Ajility is a revolutionary ARM solution. By infusing our 30+ years of industry experience with advanced capabilities, Ajility helps you reduce costs, increase revenue, and maximize competitiveness for your company.
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